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Enrollment Through Local Philanthropy

Enrollment Through Local Philanthropy (ETLP) is our primary program. It aims to increase primary school enrollment through local philanthropy within Liberia. Through a system of Volunteers Operation, we identify primary-age children (5-11years) in specific slum communities who are not enrolled in school, or have dropped out of school. We conduct assessment studies to identify cases where this is due to economic constraints.  Educate Children then identifies sponsors who support these children through school, and pair them with the children. Sponsors range from local donors to philanthropists, humanitarians, well-meaning individuals as well as corporate social responsibilities. Our pairing system emphasizes constant interaction between sponsors and their beneficiaries, allowing sponsors to track the progress of the children they are supporting in school.

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Remedial Education Program

Through our Remedial Education Program (REP), we design remedial curriculum vetted by education experts to improve learning outcomes in slum community schools. Focused on numeracy, literacy, terminal exam preparations and critical life skills, our curriculum improves on existing Math and English in the schools and is taught by trained community volunteers. Unlike the traditional method, the curriculum is instructed in an intentional, interactive way that ensures all children learn and can excel personally and academically. Educate Children monitors and supervises this process by intermittently visiting classrooms to evaluate how well teachers deliver the curriculum, track students’ progress and ensure learning efficacy.

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