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Recruitment Program
Educate Children Initiative

Educate Children COVID-19 Community Intervention

We were able to bring awareness to the communities not only about Covid-19; but also making the people understand that despite everything going on around us, there are still a group of people like Osiwa, Naymote and Educate children that cares and are willing to provide assistance in times like these.

May 25, 2020- May 30, 2020

These activities were held to caution and inform community dwellers on the severity of COVID’19, and what collaborative efforts can be made to curb its effects. Also, to make sure that they continue to practice measures that will keep them safe during and after this pandemic.

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The year 2020

Liberia confirmed its first COVID-19 case in March, our team headed by Programs Director Sona T. Sesay embarked on a vigorous COVID-19 sensitization and prevention campaign, including implementing a UNDP Liberia's community-based organization (CBO) grant secured through a local implementing partner NAYMOTE-Liberia. With the grant, we led interventions in 10 slum communities to increase awareness on COVID-19 prevention and case reporting, distributed 500 reusable masks to 160 underprivileged households in Monrovia, and provided real-time COVID Updates Bulletins at the entrance and marketplace of each of our intervening communities.

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Recruitment Program

It is designed to assist children whose parents cannot afford to send them to school because of financial constraints. Educate Children has recruited and enrolled about 96 students and enrolled 270 students in a remedial program in three partner schools.

 Recruitment  Program

Educate Children is targeting to help pay the tuition fees of about 66 children in Monrovia and Nimba County. We have delivered the first installment payments of our sponsored students from the support received from our local donors. We are soliciting additional supports from all humanitarians to augment our efforts in ensuring access to quality primary education for children who would otherwise lack it.

 Donation Program

Educate Children donation program is designed to assist orphan homes and schools with food supplies and learning materials to encourage children whose parents can not afford much to support their kids.

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One of our co-founders, Sona Traore, undertook Body Awareness and
Empowerment workshop, which is a  program to create awareness and empower young girls through education and awareness about sexual reproductive health in Chicken Soup Factory community Monrovia, Liberia.

 Sona Traore - Co-Founder of Educate Children

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