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Our Team

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 Ansumana B. Korleh

Interim Executive Director 

Ansumana is a committed servant leader, mentoring many and guiding organizations to achieve milestones. He holds a BA in Economics from Cuttington University Liberia, MA from the University of Botswana, and MS in Data Science from Drexel University. His dedication to growth is evident in numerous professional trainings. He has experience in both public and private sectors, with roles like Senior Economist and Data Analyst.

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 Sona T. Sesay

Sona obtained a Masters in Education Administration and Policy at Boston College in Newton, Massachusetts, USA. Growing up, Sona was always passionate about getting a good education because she believes it is the only way out of the poverty she sees around her in a post-war country like Liberia. For a very long time, she has been searching for a group of passionate educators like her to establish a startup that will help the children of Liberia. Fortunately, her path crossed with David and Sekou whose passion aligns with hers, and who thus added her to the team. In addition to her work at Educate Children, she is  the Assistant Minister for Student Personal Services at the Ministry of Education of Liberia.

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David Nyumah

David is pursuing a Masters degree in Environmental Change and Global Sustainability from the University of Milan, Italy. David is a passionate and driven youth leader, opportunities enthusiast and environmental activist. He is an honors graduate from the Stella Maris Polytechnic with Bachelor and Associate of Science Degrees in Environmental Studies. David has served as National Director for the International Students Environmental Coalition and has vast experience working with local and international organizations to promote SDGs, climate change awareness, and sustainable peace.

Co-Founder & Director of Programs

Co-Founder and Director of Operations

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Vagamoh A. Swaray

National Director, BSc in Economics

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Husain M. Sesay

Research & Community Outreach Coordinator, Bsc in Econmics and Public Administration

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Sidiki Kamara

Social Media Manager, Bsc in International Business and Trade (ALU)

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Etta Brooks

Data Analyst, MA Student in Quantitative Social Science

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Ruth Tete Farkollie

Manager of Public Relations, BA in Cooperate Communication

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Kcaliphate Dulleh

Business Strategist, Graduate of African Leadership Academy

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Jarffah Amadu

Communication Engagement Officer, Full Stack Web Developer

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George Sumo Jr

Research & Programs Officer

 Our Board of Advisors

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Michael Pollack

Clinical Professor of Business & Society, NYU Stern School of Business

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James Earl Kiwaoin

Country Manager of The Luminos Fund (Liberia)

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Hon. Omaru Sheriff

​CEO of City Lion

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K. Ishmael V. Conneh

Principal, United Islamic School, Liberia

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Alieu V Kenneh

Education Ambassador, South Korea

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